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Engines series 4000*

SERIES 4000*

*Onboard Power Generation/Diesel-Electric Drives


Rated Power: 760 kW - 3600 kW (1019 bhp - 4828 bhp)
Emissions Technology: all engines comply with emissions
regulations in accordance with IMO II, and in part also EPA 3

and EU III A (including RheinSchUO II)
Emissions Certification: IMO II / EPA 2 / EPA 3 / EU III A



for Fast Vessels with High Load Factors

- Unique tailor-made propulsion system solutions based

  on MTU’s expertise.
- Engineered to meet the most challenging noise, vibration

  and harshness standards.
- Unsurpassed power density in terms of volume-to-power

  ratio and power-to-weight ratio.
- Effortless unfolding of power and bottom end torque due

  to MTU’s unique sequential turbo charging technology.
- Low maintenance times for minimal downtime.
- Low life-cycle costs: effective operation, low consumption

  values, long maintenance intervals.
- Product and customer support: long term and everything

  from one source.